There is a flat fee of 0.001 BTC. This will never change. The least amount that can be accepted is 0.02 BTC and the max is 20 BTC. Please double-check your bitcoin address before engaging.




Don’t worry about the level of privacy and anonymity that you should choose, we take care of that for you. There are no options or settings that you need to weed through to figure out what is good enough. We will never even know about your transactions. No account is required, so you don’t have to share any personal information. This website is only accessible via Tor, so you can never accidentally open it in your normal browser. We’ll get your bitcoin where it needs to go; all without getting sullied. Transactions are sent in random amounts and spread out, to further conceal them from prying eyes. Once you press send, grab a cup of tea and go for a peaceful stroll. You’re in safe hands.

How It Works

Our bespoke mixing method will never log your transactions or any of your personal information and our wallets are periodically randomised. At the end of the day, we don't even know who it is that's sending bitcoins to our mixer.

Created with love by a bunch of geeks who are passionate about privacy. Based out of Switzerland, a country famous for its banking and privacy laws. We are currently cleaning up our code and looking into the best option to open-source it with. If you have a recommendation please drop us a line at: